How Concealed Shower Faucets Match Your Bathroom Style Better

Concealed Shower Faucets

Whether you’re looking to get a whole new look or just want to spruce up what you’ve got, adding Unterputz duscharmatur is a great place to start. It’s easier than ever to find a new way to update the style of your bathroom. With so many options out there, narrowing down which style will fit in with yours can be tough. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for concealed shower faucets and how they match different styles of bathrooms.

There’s More to Concealed Shower Faucets Than Looks

First, different styles of bathrooms have different looks. If you live in a rustic home with dark wood cabinets and a stone accent wall, a modern shower faucet with squared edges would be the wrong choice. However, if your bathroom is traditionally styled with light wood cabinets and neutral accents, this style would be perfect.

Second, some styles are better for certain other things. If you’re looking to update your bathroom’s style but don’t want to do an expensive overhaul, a traditional style like the one described above might be the answer. But if you want something that stands out from the norm, something like a modern-style faucet with sleek lines might work better for you.

Third, size matters too. One of the things to keep in mind when shopping for concealed shower faucets is that they range in size from small to large. So if you’re looking for something small or medium-sized, make sure it will fit in with your bathroom’s décor before committing to it. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something large or extra-large, make sure it will fit by measuring your available space so that you won’t end up with an awkward and ungainly focal point in your bathroom area.

Concealed Shower Faucets

Which Style of Bathroom Will Work Best for You?

There are so many styles of concealed shower faucets. The style you choose will depend on what works for your bathroom and the look you want to achieve. Here are some examples of different styles that would work well with a variety of bathrooms:

  • Modern – This style is sleek, contemporary, and modern.
  • Contemporary – If your bathroom is already contemporary in style, then this type of shower head would be perfect.
  • Farmhouse – This farmhouse-style shower head can look great with more traditional bathrooms as well.
  • Rustic – This rustic-style showerhead provides a more natural, earthy feel to your bathroom.

How to Match a Contemporary Bathroom

One of the most popular styles of bathrooms is contemporary. It’s a stylish and modern look that has taken the world by storm. Contemporary bathrooms are mostly found in open floor plans, with a lot of natural light flowing throughout the space. The layout of these bathrooms usually consists of a bathtub, separate shower, toilet, sink, and vanity. They are very luxurious and have an edgy feel to them.

A concealed shower faucet would be the perfect addition to your contemporary bathroom. A sleek design means it will seamlessly blend into your modern space without taking away from its sleek look. Another perk to this type of faucet is hiding all the unsightly pipes going up the wall behind it. With a wide variety of options available in both material and style, you can find something that works great with your room’s décor while still functional.

How to Match an Eclectic Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most difficult areas to design, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a boring, old look. You can add a splash of color or pattern to keep your bathroom from feeling too traditional.

A sleek, minimalist style is a good fit for an eclectic bathroom. You’ll want to consider a modern faucet with clean lines and smooth metal accents for this type of style. This type of showerhead will give your bathroom a sleek look that you’re after without sacrificing functionality.

How to Match a Rustic or Traditional Bathroom

Some people might be hesitant to buy a concealed shower faucet if they redo their bathroom because they’re worried that it will look out of place. With the right style, though, you can make the addition stand out without seeming too much like an eyesore. A rustic or traditional bathroom is the perfect place for this shower faucet. The classic design is something you can find in many different bathrooms at any price point. While it’s still sleek and modern, it has a warm and inviting feel that matches well with other items in your bathroom.

A green wash basin paired with both a white tile and ledged glass backsplash would also work well with a concealed shower faucet like this one by Kohler.


A concealed shower faucet is a great way to make your bathroom more attractive and functional. But the style you choose for your bathroom needs to reflect who you are or what kind of atmosphere you want to create.

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