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Shower Column Finish Style Selection Guide

Bathroom fixture systems are advancing such that now you can have a shower column in your bathroom. What sets the ensemble de douche aside from the traditional shower systems is the neat look it gives the bathroom. You will not need to deal with shower connecting pipes and fixtures hanging in your bathroom since the showerhead, hand shower, body jets and controls are all in one tower/ column. This style of shower fixture is perfect for people living in homes with small bathroom areas.

However, it is good to note that there are multiple types and styles of shower columns in the market, but how do you make sure you buy the best model for your bathroom? Here is a detailed guide to buying a shower column finish style for your bathroom.

Shower Column Finish Style Selection Guide

The finishing

Shower columns feature three major finishes: chrome, black, and gunmetal.

Chrome finish

Chrome is one of the majorly used bathroom shower columns due to its seamless blend with different bathroom finishes. It has that glossy look that shins in the bathroom to upgrade the entire look. Also, chrome easily blends with different bathroom finishes. So, we can say that is a sleek yet safe finish of the shower column to consider getting.

Black finish

On the other hand, black is neutral to create a modern and contemporary look in your bathroom area. Most people have their preferences when it comes to bathroom fishiness. So, if you have maybe brighter color on your bathroom walls, a black shower column would be a good choice to balance the color while creating a statement. You can choose from glossy or matte black finished shower columns depending on the look you want to achieve.


Gunmetal favors grey color and is common in public areas like hotels. Such finishes are also neutral and require less maintenance. With the proper planning in your bathroom finishing, the gunmetal finished shower column can transform it.

The materials crafting

Shower columns are made with stainless steel, aluminium, and recessed materials. Stainless steel shower columns are the best for making shower columns as they feature high rust and corrosion resistance and are added chromium as well. So, a shower column can retain that shiny and sleek look for a very long time.

Aluminium showerheads are also resistant to rust and corrosion but have limited power over stainless steel. What stands out on the aluminium shower columns is the ability to conduct heat which is added advantage to a shower column.

Recessed shower columns are the ultimate option for minimalists. As much as you don’t want over the top decor finishing in your bathroom, it would help if you still had a bathroom that looks classic with the right fixtures. Hence, a shower column with recessed finishing would work for such people. But, make sure to plan well on color combos that work well with the fixture.


Choosing a shower column does not only entail the material or even the brand. You need a shower column that matches your bathroom finishes to transform into a great style. So use these top guides to help you get a shower column finish that matches your bathroom style without compromising the durability. If you can afford it, hire a designer to help you develop a great color for the bathroom to match the style of shower column you choose.