Tag: Shower Faucet and Bathroom Art Design

Shower Faucet and Bathroom Art Design

Shower Faucet and Bathroom Art Design

Independent of whether you are renovating your powder room or building your dream ensuite or home spa from scratch, getting the perfect bathroom is determined by your interest in the details. Apart from the finishes, styles, and fixtures, your bathroom’s interior design is another place that sets it apart and makes it a unique phenomenon. You can achieve this by choosing unique fixtures like shower faucets. These are some of the products that homelody.net expertly provides. We provide our customers with various choices on the best combination of faucets for their shower tubs. Our products come in a wide variety of styles, finishes, and functions that will best serve diverse and individual needs. We make it easy to get shower systems and faucets that best fit your bathroom environment. Some of the best designs available include:

Shower Faucet and Bathroom Art Design

Bold lines of art deco in antique brass

This deco is made up of striking lines, bold colors, geometric shapes, and a customized Loft 2.0 faucet collection with aged brass. This is a timeless finish that has been combined with the amazing art deco drama, making it artwork at its best.

Polished nickel retro handwheels

This comprises hexagonal shower tiles in white and gray, making the perfect backdrop of the Brooklyn Collection handwheel, which aids in controlling the walk-in shower faucets. It also creates a soothing retro vibe.

Bronze fixtures and white marble

This is a classic combination of bronze fixtures, white marble tiles, and a walk-in shower faucet which creates an amazing sight in its simple way. For homeowners aging in place, this design can combine a handheld sprayer and a rain showerhead. It also has a threshold of no steps coming from the floor of the bathroom to the shower which gives it easy access.

Titanium’s ultimate minimalism

This design makes sure that you get no distractions from the beautiful view. Walk-in shower faucets have a standard height between 36″ and 48″ and the showerhead at 80″, which leaves behind a lot of room in between, giving the shower panels’ calming colors the space for their moment of shine.

Bold contrast charcoal faucet

This is one stunning finish that gives your shower faucet both simplicity and style and has been greatly understated. It generates one contrast to the magnificent shower panels that are characteristically bold. It is a deep combination of modern luxury and it takes inspiration from the High Line Park of New York to generate a design idea that is both contemporary and bold for a shower faucet.

Brass in gateway cottages

The best walk-in showers make the best work in bathrooms that are small by exploiting every inch to the maximum. The zero- or low-entry threshold this design applies gives better access while at the same time enabling the room to remain open and appear spacious. Dark shiplap walls make the perfect complement to natural brass’ rustic charm.